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Quality rich Boflots

Planning a wedding? Party? Business meeting? Slumber Party? Let Akonor bakery take care of the eats

About us

Rich In Nutrients

Akonorbakery is a company that has taken things up a notch and created a mouth watering fusion of flavors while staying true to our Ghana's original recipe. this company started early this year in the month of May.

What Makes We Stand Out

So what makes Akonorbakery special and different from others is about the infusion of special flavors such as chocolate called the chocofrot, the condense called the condensefrot, the peanut called nuttyfrot, the strawberry and pineapple jam called the jamfrot and the oreos called the oreofrot, cookies called the cookiefrot, many more. these special flavors infused in the freshly fried bofrot makes it unique, appealing and attractive.

Top Notch Packaging

innovative Caterer

4 years baking experience

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